Detailed information on Vassil Bojkov collection

The Vasil Bojkov collection contains archeological things, amassed always. It joins relics, made of different material, dating from 4 000 BC to the 6th century AD. True blue sorts of collectibles are: arms and weapons, handle parts and overhauls, embellishments and belt appliqués, metal and earth nuclear family and get-together burdens, metal and stone figure. The shocking decision of bronze, silver and gold vessels talks fundamentally of the Collection.


This essential party contains vases and utensils associating from the eighth century BC to the 6th century AD, which were passed on by workshops oversaw in the entire old world: Middle and Near East, Asia Minor, scene and island Greece, North Aegean float, the Greek neighbor Thrace and Macedonia, Scythia in the North Black Sea steppes, and what’s more Etruria and South Italy (Magna Graecia), the Iberian landmass. Among the most gigantic is the get-together of bronze and silver horns and rhyta without focal on the planet.

Bronze vessels of various sorts address a broad bit of the Collection: oinochoae (wine holders), situlae (bowls), hydriae and amphorae (basic compartments for water and wine), phialae (drink plates), glasses, spoons, strainers, and so forth. Silver vases and utensils, and separating sorts of silver drinking mugs completed with overlaid figures address a substitute class. The Collection houses three plated silver vases looking out for Orpheus, which are the sole depictions of the stunning entertainer known on metal vessels to this date.


His name is made on one out of them – Orpheus. So other than unprecedented on metal thing are the depictions of Theseus and Helen, the regarded out of date Greek legends, which complete some plated silver glasses. A bit of the vases bear the names of their proprietors, duties to various stunning creatures, or the weights of the compartments: they address surprising appreciation. The Collection is encountering able progress in different totals, the plain first which is spun around the focal number of the pre-Roman metal vases and utensils, and circuits 146 old rarities. The second entire, strangely dedicated, making it hard to the plain same social event, is underneath engineering.