What you need to know about Rainwater Harvesting Module

Nature consistently wears the shade of spirit. It’s anything but a place to visit yet it is home and we as a whole should preserve our home and its resources. Such an initiative is taken by Leiyuan Greening Solution, a company which has served the Stormwater business for over 15 years. A company, whose vision is to value each drop of rain, is the leader of Sponge city System in China. A sponge city, much the same as a sponge, absorbs, cleanses and utilizes rainfall in an ecologically friendly manner that reduces dangerous and polluted runoff, in this way thus making full utilization of Mother Nature resources.


A company with 300 plus members provides a solution for all your greens requirement inside budget. Underground water tank, green roof tray, and green wall tray are a portion of the primary products of Leiyuan solutions. At the point when we assemble sponge urban areas, we are required to manufacture a Sustainable Urban Drainage System which helps to store water or maybe discard gathered water. The core part of this drainage system is indeed a Rainwater Harvesting Module.

Leiyuan green solutions manufactured a sustainable robust Rainwater Harvesting System with a capacity of 45 tons/sqm. Its principle purpose is to give retention, attenuation and Infiltration for surface water or underground water. It is anything but difficult to install and can be deployed nearby the roads, parking lots, water storage, bridges, factories, enterprise, drainage pipes, scenic spots and at a lot more sites. This storage tank is manufactured from 100% recycled Polypropylene, soaked water stays unchanged and odorless in light of anti-acid alkali.


Leiyuan Company offers a wide range of Underground Water Tanks with shifting size from 100cm × 50cm × 50cm to 68cm × 41cm × 45cm and with two different structures – column and plate. They even have different loading capacity. These underground modular storage tanks are designed to serve up to 55years. They use less space and offer up to 96% void ratio. Tank size could without much of a stretch be extended or reduced or even relocated according to future use. We can even request for a solution by stating when, where, how we require; what item, item, quantity; at that point we will get details confirmation and shipment after contract signing.


Infusing a Modular storage tank aids us to realize the should be enriched tomorrow with plentiful water resources in place. Additionally, this helps us to recharge ground water or store filtered water which will be beneficial for the entire human race just as for the environment. For more data, visit this page.